FAQs related to workers welfare fund (WWF)

Q: 1. Who is the main beneficiary of the Workers Welfare Fund (WWF)?

Ans: The main beneficiary of WWF is an industrial worker not, an Overseas Pakistani.

Q: 2. What is the mandate of the Workers Welfare Fund?

Ans: WWF is providing services for registered industrial workers of those industrial establishments which are contributing to WWF as per WWF Ordinance, 1971 and Companies Profit (Workers Participation) Act, 1968.

Q: 3: What is the official link of the website of WWF?

Ans: http://wwf.gov.pk/index

Q: 4. What are the objectives of WWF?

Ans:   The main objective of WWF is to finance the following:

a)       Projects for the establishment of housing estates or construction of houses for the industrial workers. 

b)       Other measures for the welfare of workers are as follows:

  • Education - Free of cost up to Secondary Level
  • Scholarships - Post Secondary Level
  • Marriage grants
  • Death grants etc. 

Q: 5. What is the eligibility criteria for scholarship and welfare grants?

Ans:   Eligibility criteria of all the welfare schemes are available in the “Policies” menu.


Q: 6.  Where are the application forms available on the website for scholarship and welfare measures?

Ans:   Application forms are available in the “Downloads” menu


Q: 7. Where is the detail of the address of WWF and the Contact list of officers of WWF?

Ans:   Detail of WWF Employees is available on the website in the “Contact us” menu.


Q: 8. Any official link of the Management Information System for the registration of workers for their claims?

Ans:   WWF is developing a Management Information System (MIS) for submission and processing of claims of workers and their children which will be available soon.