Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Services Offered by the Community Welfare Wing, Embassy of PAKISTAN, Athens


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What is the procedure of transportation of dead body to Pakistan?

The family of the deceased has to provide the Pakistani identity documents of the deceased i.e (CNIC/ Passport). After that Embassy issue NOC to the funeral office, who complete the whole process for transportation of dead body to Pakistan. In deserving cases the Mission also provides the financial assistance to the destitute families after verification of details and completion of codal formalities.


I am residing illegally and severely ill, hospital/ doctors are not providing the medication, how can I get admitted to hospital?

Please contact Community Welfare Wing of the Mission for assistance in hospital admission. In these cases, the Wing issues a letter to the concerned hospital for the facilitation of admission in the hospital.


How can I check status of my passport inquiry (national status verification)?


A text message (SMS) is sent to the applicant to informing them about their national status verification when it it is received by the Mission. Please ensure that you give the correct mobile phone number at time of application. The status can also be checked at the Mission website


How can I get the admission in university for higher studies?


Some of the Pakistani student contact the Mission to provide the letter to get admission in educational institutions of Greece to continue their studies. After verification of educational and other documents, the Wing issues a letter to the head of institution for facilitating the admission of Pakistani student.


How i can get the death compensation in cases of death in Greece?


According to the Greek laws, the deceased who die in a road or labour accident are eligible for death compensation. The death compensation is a very long process, taking between 2-6 years for completion. The Embassy has hired a law firm for the facilitation of Pakistani community. The Embassy provides full assistance to the family of the deceased in order to preparation of the relevant documents and monitor the whole process of compensation so that the deserving/ relevant people get the compensation.


I am imprisoned in jail and need a lawyer to pursue the case in court of law.


The Pakistani prisoners approach the Mission to hire a lawyer to pursue their cases in the court. The Mission has hired a law firm which provides, on subsidized rates, legal assistance to the Pakistanis prisoners at the prisoners expense.


How can I avail Mission services if I can’t come on working day?

For the easiness of Pakistani community the Mission provide the consular services on every 1st Sunday of the month.


How can I send a complaint against Mission services?


The complaint may be send through following emails: -



What documents are needed to send passport inquiry/national status verification?

Original valid CNIC of the applicant is required for national status verification.


How can I get Police Character Certificate?


The applicant must have original valid Passport and CNIC for processing the Police Character Certificate application.