Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Bureau of Emigration & Overseas Employment (BEOE)


Q.1   Where and how can I get a foreign job?

         Foreign jobs can be attained through any of the following way:

  1. Licensed Overseas Employment Promoters (OEP) advertise the foreign jobs in leading newspapers or the OEP’s office can be visited. (Employment Through OEP)
  2. Through relatives, friends or any other person who are already working or living abroad or using internet. (Direct Employment)

Q.2    Are there any foreign jobs available?

Ans:- The foreign jobs are being uploaded regularly on the Bureau of Emigration’s website which is a regulator of Emigration process and can be accessed through the following link (


Q.3   What is Protection and how can I get Protection?

Ans:- According to Emigration Ordinance 1979 every Pakistani proceeding abroad on work visa should have to get protected. Protection is that the Foreign Service Agreement (FSA) signed between the individual and foreign employer / OEP and counter signed by the Protectorate of Emigrant (PE) to ensure the implementation of the terms and conditions of that contract. In case of any violation of the contract, emigrant may register a complaint. One can get protected himself from their respective P.E office after submitting required documents and prescribed Government fees. 


Q.4  How can I be assured that I am contacting the right person for foreign job?

Ans:- Genuineness of the OEP can be assured from the P.E office and as well as from the valid OEP Licence list available on this website. (


Q.5   What is an Overseas Employment Promoter (OEP)?

Ans:- An OEP is one who desires to engage, or to assist or to recruit any person to emigrate shall apply for a license to the Federal Government and shall with his application furnish such information and documents, pay security and fee, and at such time and in such manner as may be prescribed.


Q.6  What precautions I should observe in getting a foreign job via an OEP?


    1. Valid licence of OEP.
    2.  Valid Demand.
    3. Read the terms and conditions carefully.
    4. Counter verify the terms and conditions from P.E.
    5. Insist on receipt on any payment.


Q.7     How to register the emigrants for protection through OEP?


i)  Intending Emigrant submits following documents for registration to the concerned section for processing / verification in case of Employment through O.E.P.

  1. Permission no
  2. Passports
  3. CNIC
  4. Insurance certificate
  5. Welfare fund slip
  6. Protector fees slip
  7. Bank Certificate / Service Charges (OEP Refundable)
  8. Registration fees slip
  9. Adhesive Stamp Fee
  10. FSA (Foreign Service Agreement)

ii) After documents verification, the Intending Emigrant is guided to the Briefing Hall for orientation / briefing. At the same time: the record is registered, registration number is allowed, Protector Sticker is pasted on passport and complete case is forwarded to the Protector of Emigrant.

iii) Protector of Emigrant officer signs (embossed) on passport and forwards the passport for delivery

iv) O&B officer briefs all necessary aspects regarding health, legal-rights etc. and guides him to get his passport and documents.

Q.8   When and how should I proceed with the renewal of my protection?

Ans:- As long as the terms and conditions remain unchanged, your protector is considered valid. To obtain fresh protection, please approach the Protectorate of Emigrants (P.E.) office with a new agreement/contract along with other required documents.


Q.9 How can I go about renewing my insurance and initiating the process to claim compensation?

Ans:- Insurance renewal can be done after two years either at the relevant Protectorate of Emigrants (P.E.) office in Pakistan or at the respective Pakistan Embassy in the host country. In the event of a death within the insurance validity period, the nominee or the near relative can submit the claim at the appropriate P.E. office. For disability cases, the emigrant himself can submit the claim at the relevant P.E. office.


Q.10 I am transitioning from one company to another and have already obtained the Protector stamp on my passport. Is it necessary to acquire the Protector stamp again for the new job?

Ans:-  Yes, you have to get new Protector Clearance for the new job from the relevant Protectorate of Emigrants office in Pakistan.


Q.11 How can one obtain compensation in the event of death or disability during work?

Ans:- The compensation from insurance is Rs. 1 Million in case of valid insurance. If the emigrant has not renewed their insurance cover after two years, they are not entitled to any compensation.


Q.12 How do I register a complaint against an advertisement by a fake recruiting agent?

Ans:- Provide details of the case, including supporting documents, if the complaint is against a person other than a valid Overseas Employment Promoter, i.e., a fake recruiting agent. In such cases, the complaint will be referred to the Federal Investigation Agency for action, as per Rule 29(4) of the Emigration Rules, 1979, with intimation to the complainant.