FAQs related to the national industrial relations COMMISSION (NIRC)


Q-1   What is the purpose / jurisdiction of NIRC?

          NIRC is a quasi-judicial forum for welfare of labour / workmen to redress their legal grievances, working at the Trans-Provincial and ICT level.

Q-2   How can I approach NIRC or obtain contact numbers of the NIRC Officers?

          You may visit website of NIRC i.e. where the requisite information and guidance is available.

Q-3   How can I obtain copies of Industrial Relations Act and Rules made thereunder?

          A copy of Industrial Relations Act, 2012 and other rules and labour laws are available in PDF form on the website of NIRC i.e.

Q-4   What is unfair labour practice?

IRA, 2012 defines certain actions of employers as unfair labour practices on the part of employers that is Section 31 of IRA, 2012, as well as certain actions of workmen as unfair labour practices on the part of workmen that is Section 32 of IRA, 2012.

Q-5   How would I be able to know whether I’ve to approach Labour Court or NIRC?

The character of Establishment shall determine the relevant forum for aggrieved workmen. NIRC has exclusive jurisdiction to adjudicate upon any matter envisaged under Industrial Relations Act, 2012 (IRA, 2012) in following scenarios: -

  1. all establishments that have its office in Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT);
  2.  all establishments which have its offices at the least in two provinces;
  3.  all establishments which have its offices in one province as well as in ICT.

Q-6   Is there any mandatory condition to file a Grievance Petition before NIRC?

A workman who finds himself aggrieved must bring his grievance in written form into the knowledge of his employer either by himself or through a CBA or a shop steward as the case may be. Such Notice is called Grievance Notice and is mandatory requirement to file a grievance petition under Section 33 of Industrial Relations Act, 2012 (IRA, 2012).

Q-7   What is time limitation to serve a grievance notice to the employer?

workman should serve grievance notice in writing to the employer at the earliest but not later than 90 days from the date of grievance.

Q-8   What is time limitation to file a grievance petition before Commission (NIRC)?

In order to file a grievance petition before NIRC; maximum period as prescribed in IRA, 2012 is 2 months and 15 days after serving the grievance notice and if grievance notice remains unaddressed by the employer; beyond that prescribed period grievance petition shall be barred by time. Therefore, it is essential that a grievance petition be filed within time accompanying a Grievance Notice.

Q-9   Whether Commission (NIRC) has power to punish the defaulter/contemnor under IRA 2012?

Yes, under IRA 2012 Commission has power to impose, punishment/imprisonment to the defaulter/contemnor which may extend to one year, or fine that may extend to seventy-five thousand rupees.