Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Overseas Pakistanis Foundation (OPF)

Q.1    What are the facilities/schemes available for registered OPF Members and their families?

Ans.  There are number of welfare schemes for overseas Pakistanis and their families with regard to welfare, education and housing schemes. These include death & disability grants, ambulance services, scholarships for children / Spouse of OPs. For details please visit https://www.opf.org.pk/.

Q.2    How can overseas Pakistanis obtain OPF membership?

Ans.  Overseas Pakistanis can apply online through web portal www.webportal.opf.org.pk and also apply from their host country i.e. Pakistan Embassy or by personal visit to OPF Head Office or OPF regional offices.

There are two categories of OPF Membership i.e. Compulsory and Voluntary

i.        Compulsory Membership: - Overseas Pakistanis who are already registered with Protectorate of Emigrants under section VIII of emigration ordinance and proceeded abroad can get OPF Membership card without any charges.

ii.       Voluntary Membership: - This membership is for the overseas Pakistanis who proceed abroad for at least one-year period but not registered with Protectorate of Emigrants. They can get OPF Membership card by paying PKR-2000/- For details please visit https://www.opf.org.pk/opf-membership/.

Q.3    What are the requirements for obtaining OPF membership?

Ans.  All Overseas Pakistanis are eligible having Valid Visa/ work permit/Resident Card (at least one Year) /Foreign Nationality, Valid Passport and CNIC/NICOP/POC.

Q.4    What are the educational facilities and how an overseas Pakistani can get fee concession in OPF educational institutions?

Ans.  For the educational well-being of the children of Overseas Pakistanis, OPF, in line with its mandate granted under Emigration Rules 1979, has so far established 26 OPF Educational Institutions throughout the country including Azad Jammu & Kashmir. The details are at https://opf.edu.pk/.

In all educational institutions, children of overseas Pakistanis are given first right of admission along with 50% concession in monthly tuition fee.

Q.5    How can children/spouse of overseas Pakistani can avail the OPF scholarship?

Ans.  Since families of Overseas Pakistanis are scattered throughout regions and are not concentrated in selective areas only, OPF has shifted its focus to utilizing its financial resources toward providing targeted financial benefit to the children and spouses of Overseas Pakistanis through its scholarships scheme. The applicants can apply scholarship for the intermediate, bachelor and Masters/MS certificates/degrees.

Eligibility Criteria:

-        Minimum 60% marks

-        Maximum monthly income is Rs. 100,000/-

-        Having valid OPF membership card

For details, please visit https://opf.edu.pk/opef

Q.6    How OPF can help to OPs and their families for final settlement of dues / death compensation?

Ans.  Overseas Pakistanis or their families can approach Head Office or OPF’s regional offices throughout the country along with relevant documents. Accordingly, their cases are pursued at concerned employers through respective Embassies/Consulates. For Details, please visit https://www.opf.org.pk/foreign-employment-dues-compensation/

Q.7    How OPF can help to families of deceased / disabled overseas Pakistanis?

Ans.  OPF have a scheme exclusively for the deceased / disabled for families of overseas Pakistanis. In case if an overseas Pakistani died or disabled during valid work visa, his/her family can get Rs. 400,000/- (in case of death) and Rs. 300,000/- (in case of disability). For details, please visit https://www.opf.org.pk/financial-assistance/

Q.8    On which forum overseas Pakistanis can register their complaints?

Ans.   There are a number of options through which overseas Pakistanis can register their complaints / grievances for early resolution. These include Prime Minister Deliver Unit (PMDU), Overseas Punjab Commission (OPC), Online Complaint Management System (OCMS) at https://www.opf.org.pk/complaint-cell/

Q.9    How overseas Pakistani get free Ambulance Service for transportation of dead bodies?

Ans.  OPF provides free ambulance service for transportation of dead bodies from all international airports of Pakistan to native town of the overseas Pakistanis. For this purpose, OPF has established a separate section in its Welfare & Services Division, Head Office Islamabad. For further information, please visit https://www.opf.org.pk/services/ambulance-service/