Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Services Offered by the Community Welfare Wing, Consulate General of PAKISTAN, Milan


Q. 01 My passport contains an error regarding my birthdates and hometown. What can I do to fix it?

The applicant passport must have been issued based on his birth certificate provided at the time of application. The applicants need to contact MRP section of the Consulate.

Q. 02 I travelled to Italy to study, and now the university wants to certify my Pakistan-issued academic credentials. Can the Consulate attest it for me?

If the certificates have already been authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Islamabad, the Consulate could also attest them.

Q. 03 How can I transport the dead body of my relative who has passed away abroad?

The applicant has to send ID documents of the deceased and himself along with request from funeral agency. The Nulla Osta is issued according to established practice.

Q. 04   How is my police record check from Pakistan for character certificate?

The Police Clearance Certificate is issued by the Police of relevant area in Pakistan after clearance.

Q. 05   Why my police check is taking so long?

Since the Police Clearance Certificate is issued after clearance from Pakistan, it may take up to 16-20 weeks.

Q. 06   I got final Exit from my sponsor after expiry of my visa. How can I travel to Pakistan?

After getting a Final Exit from the sponsor, a person has to leave the Europe within two months. If arrested he may serve sentence or deportation. The person will have to approach his sponsor who can get him a fresh final exit after payment of penalties.

Q. 07  The workers who are absconders and get deported are banned from entry into Italy for how many years?

Those workers who get deported from the host authorities are usually banned for the periods of 5-10 years depending upon the nature and sensitivity of the case.

Q. 08   My sponsor is not paying salary according to signed agreements

The applicant may approach the concerned labour Court of the host country and file a case against him. He will be accountable before the court.