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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Services Offered by the Community Welfare Wing, Consulate General of PAKISTAN, NEW York


Q 1:   Does the Ministry have specialized Wings/Desks at the Missions Abroad for the assistance of Overseas Pakistanis?

Ans:   Yes, those Missions Abroad which cater to sizeable number of OPs have been equipped with a full-fledged Community Welfare Wing which caters to the services, concerns and queries of the OPs resident within the Consular Jurisdiction of that particular Mission Abroad.


Q 2:   What services do Missions Abroad offer to Pakistanis/Overseas Pakistanis that have been stranded and/or been incarcerated or due for deportation from the Host Country?

Ans:   The Community Welfare Wings at the Missions Abroad are vigilant of cases reported of Pakistanis/OPs which are incarcerated and awaiting deportation. Assistance in provision of travel document, consular access (where applicable) and coordination is then provided to ensure smooth deportation proceeding of anyone due for the same and in need of assistance from the Mission Abroad.


Q 3.   Does a Mission Abroad liaise with local Pakistani Community Organizations?

Ans.  The Community Welfare Wing is responsible for ensuring a liaison with local Pakistani Community Organizations in order to gauge and ensure the well-being and upliftment of the OPs present within the Consular Jurisdiction of the Mission Abroad.


Q 4.   What services does a Consulate General and/or an Embassy offer to OPs with regards to their financial well-being?

Ans.  The Community Welfare Wing also assists in broadening of attraction of remittances and investment of OPs to Pakistan. This is achieved by virtue of marketing and assisting opening of Roshan Digital Accounts (RDAs). Moreover, the newly launched initiative of State Bank of Pakistan termed Sohni Dharti Remittance Program is also marketed and assisted by the Community Welfare Wing. More information can be found on ‘’.


Q 5.   What are the welfare services offered by Missions abroad?

Ans.  The Community Welfare Wing at Missions Abroad also coordinate with the Overseas Pakistanis Foundation to assist OPs apply for OPF Membership Cards as well as the Foreign Exchange Remittance Cards (FERCs). Other services offer include welfare checks and home visits for elderly or for those OP applicants who may not be able to visit the Mission Abroad for any applied for service such as Pension Life Certificate Verification, Notarization Requests, etc.


Q 6.   What are the emergency services offered by Missions abroad?

Ans.  The Community Welfare Wing at Missions Abroad also play a role in case of an emergent situation which requires on ground assistance of community. These Wings played a pivotal part in the assistance of stranded Pakistanis during the Covid surge of 2020 and 2021, which depicts that the Missions Abroad are on the lookout for the service and welfare of its clientele, that is, the Overseas Pakistani’s community.


Q 7.   Do Missions Abroad provide any specialist guidance to work visa holders?

Ans.  Missions Abroad which are equipped with a Community Welfare Wings dispense specialized services for guidance and query settlement of OPs on work visas in the host country. Job opportunities and emerging sectors are reported back to the parent department. Moreover, the queries for welfare and upkeep of all work visa holders from Pakistan are routed to the Community Wing for consideration and disposal as per policy/law.


Q 8.   What mechanism(s) is/are offered for complaint resolution of OPs?

Ans.  Missions Abroad with Community Welfare Wings route the complaints of OPs to the relevant departments in Pakistan via their desk. The Community Wings are specialized for this task and are well aware of the most effective modes and means of getting the complaint/grievance of an OP resolved efficiently.